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Vacature in Utrecht
Vacature in Utrecht


12.4km Utrecht

3 dagen per week

Maandag 13:00 - 17:30
Donderdag 13:00 - 17:30
Vrijdag 13:00 - 17:30
Start datum:
maandag 8 november 2021
Dash (1)
Vereist voor deze vacature
Heeft ervaring met kinderen < 2 jaar (harde eis)
Heeft bakfiets skills
Hello. My husband and I are Americans who moved to Utrecht nearly 3 years ago. We love the Netherlands and are so happy to be starting our family here. My son Dash was born in August of 2020. Two months later we moved into our new home. Corona was quite uncertain at the time and we did not have any family members around to help. We decided that I would stay home with Dash for his first year. Our parenting style is focused on respecting our son as a whole person. We strive to support his drive for exploration and for challenging himself. We largely follow Montessori practices such as using a floor bed from a young age, allowing Dash to feed himself solid foods (baby led weaning), and encouraging involvement in practical life activities around the house. We keep only a selected set of toys out at a time and spend a good deal of most days outdoors with Dash (especially since we do not have a back yard). We practice elimination communication so Dash has been using a potty multiple times a day since he was about 6 months old. We also use sign language with Dash so that he has a means to better express himself although he is not yet verbally saying words. Dash is a social boy who loves books, music, bicycles, climbing, hide and seek, bubbles and swings (to name a few things). We is a strong walker and is getting more mobile every day. Now that he is 14 months old, we would like to phase him into having more time with other people. We are looking for a strong Dutch speaker who has both a calm demeanor and an energetic passion for guiding and encouraging Dash. We especially would appreciate someone who could get Dash together with other children regularly or a gastouder who has a group of children they work with each day. Ideally, we would only like help for the second half of the day (after his nap) for 3 days a week, but with a gastouder we understand that full days of work may be more suitable and we are open to that. We look forward to meeting and discussing the possibilities with you.
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