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Christmas letter Nanny Nina 2020 ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸฆŒ

It's been one hell of a year. There have been better times to be a #babysit service I can tell you that..  Lyla and I love to take you with us on the highlights of 2020. Are you with me? Right! Let's hop in the time-machine!


โœˆ๏ธAu pair agency Kickstarted 

It was cold, end of January this year. The #DragonsDen negotiations were taking most of Lyla and my time then. (  fun times Shawn Harris, Pieter Schoen and Michel Perridon;)  And then it arrived: The official au pair agency licence from the Dutch ministry of international affairs. My god, it took us 2 year and a lawsuit. Luckily from there, things moved faster. Ritsya Mathews, Erin Iwata and Michelle Ruiz built an incredibly successful au pair business within a year. This part of the business is actually already supporting Nanny Nina’s liquidity due to the huge one-time payments for au pair matches.  ( for the business nurds: The other products of Nanny Nina work on a subscription model, so we need to be patient before full life time value enters our bank account.)  If you ask me, this au pair agency kickstart adventure is what entrepreneurship is truly about: See a chance, persevere, and together create something where first there was nothing.

au pair agency nanny nina welcomes au pair samira on Schiphol Amsterdam

Samira one of our au pairs arriving at schiphol


๐Ÿ‘ฉ Dragons Den’s Shawn Harris becomes part of Nanny Nina 

Everybody told us not to participate in the Dragons Den show. But it turned out so amazingly great that I secretly have to admit am still a little bit afraid it's not real. Shawn is amazing, she coaches is, inspires us and is the ticket to the future of Nanny Nina.  We meet every 1,5 months, and it really helps Lyla and me to prepare the presentations. She has certain topics she always wants an update on, and we usually prepare 3 questions about the biggest problems we run into.  What we learn so far: Shawn and her advisors are sometimes unpleasantly honest, always fun and most importantly: 100% trustworthy. 

oppas app nanny nina investeerder shawn harris jaar evaluatie

Presenting the new 2021 plans and Year evaluation session at Shawns living room

๐ŸŽ“ Nanny Nina academy

It’s a war zone out there in gastouderland. You might not notice it, but nowadays if you want a gastouder it’s like buying a house in Amsterdam: Good luck with that! According to the most recent government report, there are 10% less gastouders each year… well that does not help much with the already big shortage. This is why we founded our very own academy where babysitters can receive an official gastouder diploma within 4-8 months via ourE-Learning. Thanks @IMU for the amazing online learning software! 

We are very much looking forward to 2022 when the STAP subsidy will open. In 2022 we plan start handing out diploma’s to those sitters that have the ambition to start their careers in childcare.

gastouder diploma halen gastouder diplomaroute nanny nina academy zorg en welzijn 2

๐Ÿค– โœจMatching magic

Imagine a girl, sitting behind an excel sheet. Trying to match sitters and families. She is desperately trying to remember if this certain family had a dog, and then.. was the sitter allergic to dogs or wait … did she actually love dogs? 


The situation sch etched above was how matches were made before Q4 the “birthday” of the Matching Magic Algorithm. A big Bravo for our amazing developers, Lyla and Imke. We have reduced the required time to make a successful match to 40% and we are just getting started with the automation algorithm. 


Funny fact: Imke our UX UI designer and head responsible for this project could not pronounce Matching Magic. She nicknamed the project Magic Mike and that kinda stuck. If we reach our goals this year, we will take the team on a weekend away and without a doubt we will watch the movie with Channing Tatum.

Oppas app Nanny Nina gastouder en au pair team vieren oppas app go live au pair en oppas matching magic


Nanny Nina Strategy 2021

This year we had so many amazing people joining the team, it has shown us that Nanny Nina is now growing with the same values even if Lyla and I are not involved in everything anymore. 

Of course, we can’t publish our strategy. But to tell you a little secret, the most important thing right now is to prepare for scale and automation, thats all I can say. Luckily we noticed recently we have a very adventurous team,  ( love you guys!) and an investor that does not seem to be afraid of anything. So bring 2021 on, we are only just getting started. 


Enjoy the holidays!

Jasmijn and Lyla Kok

Founders Nanny Nina


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