Planning a wedding or your child's birthday party?

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A babysitter at your party

Are you organizing a party or wedding? And do you or your guests have children? Or can you use some help when throwing a kids party? With one of our babysitters, both you and all your guests will have a great time! We carefully selected all our sitters, so you will always have a reliable, spontaneous, and energetic babysitter at your event! Besides, our babysitters really love parties! We will make sure that all guests, small and tall, enjoy the day! 😊


image of the nannies at a wedding. They are standing around a table with the kids, flags in different colors are hanging above the table and the view behind the table shows a waterlane. The kids and the wedding nannies are making art with fruit as a workshop during he wedding to keep the kinds entertained.

Prices of a Nanny Nina babysitter

We recommend 1 babysitter per 8 kids. Will there be many really young children (younger then 4 years old)? Then it is smarter to calculate 1 babysitter per 5 kids. You pay both a service fee, and the hourly fee of the nanny:

The babysitter costs 10 euro per hour, the arrangement fee is calculated per babysitter (and thus per amount of kids). 55 euro for 1 nanny, 110 euro for 2 nannies, 165 euro for 3 nannies, etc.

two cute boys in wedding outfit are walking together, the wedding nanny is walking behind them


Our babysitters are active and enthousiastic girls! They will entertain the children at your festivity and everybody will have a great time. You can choose from one of our activity packages! Are you looking for some creative activities to arrange on your party? Here is a list with some original and funny ideas!

Crafting and creative package

During drawing, painting and creating things together, we arrange your babysitter! You provide a table with tools, penns etc, and our babysitter will make sure everything runs smoothly. You will not have to pay attention at all! On a wedding, the couple could for example get a portet of themselves with a signature of the little artists. ;)

Free Wedding set

We will send you a nice wedding package for the big day to give the children a great time. This package contains at least the following:

(Gold) tattoos
Children's wedding bingo tickets
Activities booklet for the babysitters with fun games at the wedding
Gift card for the wedding visitors

afbeelding van het bruiloft pakketje dat de oppassers meekrijgen als ze gaan oppassen op een bruiloft. Hierin zitten de wedding party bingo cards, feest tattoos, confetti en glitters om mee te knutselen zodat de kinderen zich niet vervelen op de bruiloft.

Wedding bingo!

A great way to entertain both parents and kids: the children will receive cards from the babysitter with descriptions of people. Example: 'Man with beard', or 'Woman with red heels'. They can ask that person for a signature, and when the card is full, they receive a small surprise!

How to arrange the babysitter

Just mail us your request, and mention the date and times of the party and what you had in mind so far. We will then be able to find a babysitter who matches your request AND who is available that day.

Hope to hear from you! Just call or mail, we love to help!

Warm regards, Nina

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wedding nannies in pink coats and balloons are smiling in the camera together with some children.