About us ✨

Meet the Nanny Nina founders and team

Hello! We are Jasmijn and Lyla Kok, the founders of Nanny Nina! Together with our city captains and recruiters, developers and marketers, we ensure that our digital babysitting service helps Nanny Nina families find a nice babysitter! Then you can still enjoy everything else life has to offer!

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Jasmijn and Lyla Kok, founders Nanny Nina

“ The only babysitting service in the Netherlands that can help you with all your babysit questions. From evening sitter to au pair or professional nanny"

We are quite proud to say that we are the only babysitting service in the Netherlands that offers babysitters, professional registered nannies and au pairs.

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Our vision and core values

Our vision is that we want to help parents enjoy what life has to offer, knowing that their children are in good hands. Are you a Nanny Nina customer? Then you never have to worry about a babysitter again. Go and do the things you want to do, we guarantee a great time for the little ones! - and that your babysitter is well organized and reliable, of course.

Our core values developed over the past 10 years, as our company has grown! The following 4 core values are the basis of everything we do:

  1. ❤️Personal Interest

  2. ✔️Responsible

  3. 📪Local

  4. ✨Enthusiastic and sparkly!

Call us, any-time!

Do you have questions? Call or email us! We are always ready to help you - also for last-minute babysitter requests. We have city captains, recruiters and franchisees all over the country. So probably also in your area ;) Or download the app and try it out sometime!

Love! Jasmine, Lyla and the NN team✨

📱App us: 06 30229413

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Registration numbers

LRK nummer: 338140840
KVK nummer: 53853997
BTW nummer NL 851045042B01.
IBAN: NL22RABO0145619745