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Marlijn (3 kinderen)

Marlijn (3 kinderen)


2 dagen per week

Woensdag 08:15 - 17:00
Vrijdag 08:15 - 17:00
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dinsdag 1 februari 2022
Bibi (6 jaar), Fedde (4 jaar), Tommy (2 jaar)
Vereist voor deze vacature
Heeft ervaring met kinderen < 2 jaar (harde eis)
Heeft bakfiets skills
Is bereid te koken en een wasje te doen

We are looking for you! We are a multi-lingual family situated in The Hague, Netherlands looking for a calm and trusted au pair who wants to come live with us for a year and take care of our three children whilst we work full-time (at home).
We live in Scheveningen in a peaceful area, very near to the beach and to the woods. There are a lot of playgrounds in the vicinity. The city center is a 15-minutes bicycle ride away.
With regards to the multi-lingual aspect, we speak three languages at home: English, Dutch and Italian. We are looking for an English-speaking au pair, if you can speak Italian that’s a plus.
Allow us to introduce our family:
– Bibi, 5 years old, happy camper and with certainly a strong opinion and can be very passionate. Likes swimming and role playing. Most likely to become next Prime Minister of Italy.
– Fedde, 4 years old – likes to cycle, play football and play in the woods with friends! Experienced Duplo player, likes to build train tracks and other constructions.
– Tommy, 1 year old, also known as ‘The Tominator’ – youngest member of the crew who has a talent for climbing on top of things and getting himself into tricky situations. Will keep on smiling no matter what.
– Then there’s us: the parents of the bunch: Marlijn & Vincenzo – we work at home full time so you will run into us a lot – but we will stay out of your way as much as possible!

€1.132 tot €2.912 per maand
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