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Dagtarief: €7
Nachttarief: €6
Ik ben Ayu. Ik ben studenten. I can speak dutch, but only a little bit. I speak english. I like kids. They are teacher for me. To make it short, I am a teacher back in my country. I taught kids from age 8 to 10, teenager, and adult as well. I Love to be with kids, as they always cheerful, curious, and sometimes weird. Their world seems enjoyable and fun.

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2 Reviews
My 5 years old daughter loved to draw and play with Ayu. She is very nice with kids! I recommend her.
Vielliard 1 kinderen Oegstgeest
I have known her for a long time and my son likes her very much. Ayu loves to play with the kid and teach my son many things. She also used to take my son to the park, so that my son also have outdoor activities not only stay at home.
Maya Febriyanti 1 kinderen Leiden