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Meet Veronica Hello I am Jime from Chile, 49 years old. I speak Spanish, English and a little Dutch too. I am a woman who really loves babies and little kids. I have enough experiences with babies. I have two beautiful girls, so as a mother my experience was very good. That was the best time in all my life. Playing, reading nice histories every day with them. I would love to take care of just babies or little kids. I have incredible chemistry with them. If you need my service, just let me know! Fortunately in this moment of my life I have enough time, energie and so much love for them 🧡 Regards Jimena Haarlem Jimena Haarlem

For me to receive all the love, tenderness, innocence, from them is very nice. I love spend time with babies and little kids too. I love their company close to me, to share, and have sweet moments together . I like also to feel the affection of them towards me. Until naw, it has been like that with the little kids that i have cared. Kids un general are the best 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡... Regards Jimena

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Veronica was reliable and always had so much fun and creative energy with my children. She gave so much genuine warmth and care to our family, and was very kind and considerate.