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Over I am a 20 year old girl, studying chemistry at the TU Delft. I am French and Dutch, so I am fluent in both languages. My passion is music! I play classical piano for a long time now and I like to play in bands as well.

I did a lot of babysitting when I was a teenager, usually with children from age 5 to 13, and now I work in the summer as a summer camp supervisor. I do it mostly in France and I got a children supervising diploma (called BAFA).

I love to work as a babysitter or summer camp supervisor because I really like to play with children and let their imagination run wild. I love to do creative activities with them and read stories :) I can also help with homework’s and teach them French or English.

public_profile.experience Daphné heeft 2 jaar ervaring met oppassen. Daphné heeft ook een Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag.

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3 reviews

Farrell review on babysitter
Our daughter immediately liked Daphne. The evening went very well.
- Farrell , 1 kind
Spitzer review on babysitter
Daphne is een fijne oppas ze maakt snel contact met de kinderen heeft ze veel aandacht gegeven
- Spitzer , 2 kinderen
Koelemij review on babysitter
Fijne oppas voor mijn zoontje. Hij heeft zich prima vermaakt met haar.
- Koelemij , 2 kinderen