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Manuela (19)

Super vrolijk!

Praktische informatie
Dagtarief: €10
Nachttarief: €10
Meet Manuela
Hello my name is Manuela, I am 19 years old and am a student at the Vu. I am half Italian half dutch, and therefore am fluent in both these languages as well as English. I have lived abroad for 10 years in Asia, and have been back since 3 years. I am a very social person and love kids.

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1 Reviews
Manuela was a great nanny, she took care of my sister multiple times, while I at the office. I would definitely recommend her, as she was proactive and found activities such as board games, puzzles and even reading for my sister. Furthermore, she also had times where she needed to take care of my sister and her friend, which she handled well, and kept the two occupied.
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