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Nachttarief: €12
Hi parents. I am a Filippino but grew up in Italy. I had my experience as a babysitter with my niece and some of my friend’s children. I don’t speak dutch, I speak only English, Italian and Filippino.

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My colleagues has asked me 4 years ago if i knew a reliable person who could take care their twins of 2 yrs old. So I recommended my sister since i have always rely on her with my own daughter. And they adored her!!! And every weekend i have friends in our mountain house , 2 hrs drive from Milan. They knew that my sister has been taking care of twins and they’ve asked if she’s available on weekends. Though my sister could never take any rest , she never hesitated to their request of taking care of their daughter of 3. And i can tell you this daughter of my friend wasn’t been an easy 3 yrs old 😇 but with Rowella’s experience and her own love for kids made it all easier.
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