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Gaia (22)


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Dagtarief: €12
Nachttarief: €15
Meet Gaia
Hey parents my name is Gaia and I am a final year biomedicine student in Trinity College. I am half Italian half Croatian but fully fluent in 4 languages (English,Italian, Croatian and German) and i proficient in one more on top of that . I have worked with children in the past including less able children and non privileged children though volunteering both back at home and in Asia when I spent 6 months there. I love cooking (duh I’m Italian) and if you’d like me to speak to your little bundle of joy in another language I am the one for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me through email if there is anything else you want to know as I could go on forever. Gaia (:

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2 Reviews
She was so kind and patient. She took care of my five sons for a few months while I was is working. She cooked, cleaned, and entertained them. She also helped them with their homework and always the house was clean! She taught them to bake and draw, she was like another mother to them with all her love.
Emily Singleton 5 kinderen Dublin
Great nanny, great cook, very caring and responsible, speaks 5 languages
Tommaso Tesauro 2 kinderen Milan