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Chereece (22)

All of the above :)

Praktische informatie
Dublin 1
Dagtarief: €12
Nachttarief: €7
Meet Chereece
Hi parents, my name is chereece Humphrey I am 22 years of age, I have 4 younger sisters so I have a lot of experience with children and child minding. I also minded a neighbour's child from 2016-2017 while her mother worked day shifts as well as night. I have a lot of patience with children as I absolutely adore them.

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1 Reviews
Chereece was a great nanny I would highly recommend her she is great with children and she is such a lovely person and caring and was very great to my children unfortunately I lost my job so I couldn’t afford to pay chereece that’s the reason she doesn’t work for me anymore but she is a great person and has a lot off experience
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