Gastouder / nanny aanvraag in Amstelveen

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Familie Anna
maandag 26 april 2021
6 jaar , 4 jaar
Hello! We are a Swedish family of four that moved to the Netherlands in 2020 after living five years in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. We are easy going, love spending time in nature and look forward to exploring more of Amsterdam and the Netherlands when the corona restrictions are eased. We had a great experience of having a nanny in Dubai and now we are looking for a friendly, reliable and caring girl that can help us on a regular basis to pick up our daughters from school at 2.30pm and take care of them until 5.30pm. Occasionally we also hope that you would be interested in babysitting the girls on a weekday or weekend evening if we would like to go out for dinner. Our daughters go to an International School that is only 10 minutes walking distance from our house and we live in an area with a lot of parks. So easy to entertain the girls outside!
Aantal dagen: 4
Maandag van 14:15 tot 17:15
Dinsdag van 14:15 tot 17:15
Woensdag van 14:15 tot 17:15
Donderdag van 14:15 tot 17:15


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