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How does it work?

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What does it cost to hire a nanny?
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What does Nanny Nina do for you?

Great question! We screen our nannies with love, so you have a reliable, loving and experienced sitter at your doorstep.

Book your favorite nanny

Do you like one person to look after your kids? We’ve got you! You can check your favorite nanny as “favorite” and we’ll send your request to her first. If she can’t make it, we’ll look for someone else in your neighbourhood.


If your nanny is sick or can’t make the appointment, you can always place a new request and we’ll go looking for someone who’d love to babysit your kids! This way you never have a babysitting problem again!

Groep dames met roze jassen en ballonnen
oppas houdt kindje vast terwijl ze in gras zit met bloemen in haar haar

Questions of other parents

What does it cost to hire a nanny?

Our nannies decide their hourly pay themselves. This is higher when they have more experience of are a little bit older. On average the hourly pay is between 6-10 euros. If the kids are in bed, you can subtract 2 euros per hour.

How do I pay the nanny?

You can pay your nanny easily by using our app of site. The hours of your request will automatically be sent to your nanny, she can adjust these if necessary and then send them to you. If you agree with the hours, the nanny is automatically paid by using your bankaccount. Easy!

Can I cancel a booking?

Of course it can happen that you need to cancel your booking, no worries. We don’t charge for cancelling a booking. Just remove your booking and you’re good!

frequently asked questions

Is a childminder a better choice for me?

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About us

veelgestelde vragen algemene voorwaarden privacy policy jasmijn en Lyla kok opricthers nanny nina kijken lachend in de camera tweeling.
Our mission is to let parents enjoy their life, knowing that their children are having a great time and are being cared for by a lovely nanny.
Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. We love to find the perfect match between nannies & families and after 12 years we’ve gotten pretty good at it. A strict reference check, high requirements and a lot of experience makes our nannies the best of all.
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