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Nanny Nina app

How does payment via the Nanny Nina app work?

Step 1: The babysitter comes to babysit and goes home at the end of the day
Step 2: She will receive an email on every last working day of that week with a link to enter hours, click on the button “enter hours”
Step 3: The babysitter fills in the start time and end time per day worked and clicks on “send for approval”
Step 4: The parents receive an email with the hours worked, view them and click on “approve and pay”. If it is not correct, the parent can send a message to the babysitter.
Step 5: The babysitter will receive the amount on her account 1 day after the parents have clicked on “pay”.

Where can I see how much money I have earned and when will I be paid?

The system uses the hourly rate that is stated in your profile, so make sure that it is set as desired. With a separate nanny request, payment is made immediately after the babysitting as soon as parents complete the booking and make the payment. As a permanent nanny you will receive a link once a week to process your hours, which you can forward to parents for approval, after which it will be paid out.

I have a match!! How are payments progressing?

Congratulations on your babysitter! Payment for the permanent babysitter is easy via the app: your babysitter will receive an email at the end of the week with the request to pass on her hours that she has worked. You can then approve it. She can therefore easily work one day extra or less for a week, she just passes that on. It also works just fine on vacation. If you approve the hours, your babysitter will receive the amount on her account the next day!

How can I remove a payment from someone who didn’t come to babysit?

I’m so sorry your babysitter didn’t come! In that case send us a chat message, we would like to call this sitter to ask if everything is ok and why she hasn’t been there.

My babysitter has canceled, what do I do!?

Cancel your current babysitting request and place a new one via the app asap! Then babysitters will respond and you can choose your new babysitter!

I have my own company and was wondering if I can file the babysitter costs with the tax authorities and deduct them as company costs?

If the babysitter babysit during working hours, so that you can work well, then that is possible!

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