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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find all the answers to our frequently asked questions!
Au pair

How do you get a partner visum in the Netherlands?

There are two most used ways of getting a partner visum:

  1. If the person currently has another valid permit in NL: both partners will need to submit documents to the IND, and they make a decision within 3 months. The relationship should be older than 6 months. In this case, the person does not need to know Dutch. He/she will do it eventually within 3 years of living in NL.
  2. If a person comes from abroad: Then the “inburgering A1” must be done at the Dutch embassy. Only after passing the exams, the rest of the documents need to be submitted to the IND. We need: Financial documents (partner must earn a bit more than minimum wage or above) 3 payslips, IND forms, a lot of proof of the relationship (emails, sms, pictures, etc). This process is longer than the first.

For the latest information, please check the site of the Dutch Immigration office.

How about the BRP for co-parenting and divorced couples?

This BRP rule is a little difficult for families that co-parent, as the children can only be registered only at one of the parents addresses. The solution for this is to host a live-in nanny from the EU. If you are interested in a live-in nanny from the EU please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Which BRP type should I choose?

It doesn’t matter what the name of the BRP type is, or what the description says, as long as all your family members that live at your address are all noted in the document(s). The reason is that the au pair can only take care of the children that are mentioned in the BRP. If your municipality does not offer the option to get all your family members on one document, please order separate documents for all of your family members. Our au pair agency needs this in order to do the visa application at IND.

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How and where do you get the BRP?

You can request your BRP online at the site of your municipality. You also need a DigiD account to log in. After you are logged in you choose the type of BRP.

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Which type BRP do I need to choose as a host family?

Let’s start with the most important tip from Nanny Nina: order a BRP where all your family members are stated and preferably in the same document! Why? Well…. You need to prove to the government that you and your partner (if you have one) and all of your children all live at the address you provide.

The au pair can only take care of the children registered at that address. If your municipality does not offer a BRP type where all members are mentioned in the same document, then you either need two seperate documents with you and your children – and one with just your partner. Or you can order a seperate document for each of the family members. This is more expensive, because you pay around 12 euros per document.

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What is a BRP and why do I need it as a au pair host family?

In the “Basis Registratie Personen” (BRP) the municipality keeps track of changes in your household. For example: if a baby is born or if you move, this is mentioned in this register. When you host an au pair it’s important to know for the IND that you and your children are all registered at the address where the au pair will be registered as well. This is one of the requirements to host an au pair. This document is also used to check that you are a two-family household – or more – as also this is one of the au pair host family rules.

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