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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Here are all the answers to our frequently asked questions about our babysitting service!

What about the payments. Is VAT already deducted or do I have to arrange that myself?

You are working according to the law: “Dienstverlening aan huis”. This is allowed up to a maximum amount of 6,075 euros per year. You must declare everything above to the tax authorities. You are responsible for declaring the tax yourself, we as Nanny Nina do not withhold anything from you for this!

Is the hourly rate per child or is it the same for 1 child as 4?

There is 1 hourly rate, regardless of the number of children! It is therefore cheaper if you have more than 1 child. The hourly rate of the nanny is always on her profile before you choose the nanny.

What happens when my nanny filled in the wrong hours?

The parents can approve or reject the hours! You can send them a chat to ask the parents to reject the hours entered. If they have done this, you will receive a message and you can enter the hours again. If the parents have already approved the hours, you will be paid the entered hours as you have specified them. You can then settle the excess or too few hours next week.

What is the next step when I register?

Complete your profile and schedule an interview with Au Pair Agent Lorena.

Do you provide the health form?

Yes, we’ll send you an email with an overview of the documents you need.

Do I do the Tuberculosis Test Declaration in Zimbabwe or when I am in the Netherlands?

You need to fill in the Tuberculosis Test Intent form but you will only get tested once you are in the Netherlands.
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