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  • Your childminder stays with your family for several years
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What does it cost to hire a childminder?
Nanny Nina service
€99 euro a month
Hourly rate childminder
€13-€22 per hour
Insurance and training (legally obligated)
€0,99 per child per hour
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How it works

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We'll introduce a childminder within 2 months
Get to know each other. Your childminder can start immediately as a sitter.
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Time for screening & a house check
We screen the childminder, collect all obligated documents and plan a house check.
Let's visit the municipality!
We submit all papers to the municipality. Now it takes a maximum of 10 weeks.
quality time
A visit from the GGD
The GGD inspector visits your house and checks if it's safe.
You can apply for the childcare allowance!
LRK number has been assigned. You can now apply for childcare allowance. We make the invoices and pay the childminder.
Annually evaluation by us
Together with the family and the childminder, we evaluate and check the house annually. We also organize fun events, training courses and tips for childminders.
20,- euro discount on your application?

Why a childminder?

gastouder worden? Deze gastouder ligt in het gras met een lief meisje op haar rug
  • Nanny with childcare allowance
  • No cure, no pay
  • Free nanny back-up service
  • We deal with insurance and legislation
Au pair worden manou lacht met kindje op haar nek ook zon leuke oppas oftewel oppas gezocht?

Questions of other parents

What is the difference between a permanent nanny and a childminder?

A childminder is a professional nanny with qualifications to work with children, this is why you receive childcare allowance. A childminder is often financially attractive if you need more than 1 child and more than 10 hours of childcare per child per week.

Tip: A childminder means you are visited by someone from the municipality, more administration, and sometimes you need to pay legal costs for registration in the childcare register.

How long before my childminder can start?

It takes us an average of 2-4 weeks to find a childminder for you. Then it  depends on the municipality how long it takes them to put the application in the register. You can count on an average of 2 months.

Can you include the costs of Nanny Nina in your childcare allowance?

Yes, you can include the costs of Nanny Nina in the hourly rate that you specify when applying for the childcare allowance.

Can I arrange the payment of the childminder myself?

No, that is not allowed. It is legally established that the payment of a childminder must go through a childminder agency.

How many children can my childminder take care of?

This depends on the age of the children:

  • The childminder can take care of a maximum of 6 children up to 13 years old at the same time
  • The childminder may take in a maximum of 5 children up to 4 years old at the same time
  • The childminder can take care of a maximum of 4 children up to 2 years old at the same time
  • The childminder may take in a maximum of 2 babies (up to 1 year) at the same time
What Nanny Nina does for you

Childcare is our expertise

It is our job to properly arrange the administration of your childminder and to ensure that it complies with all the laws and regulations. We also have a back-up service. If your childminder is ill, we have a file full of reliable babysitters who are happy to take over for a day.

Nanny Nina Academy

We think it is very important that your childminder continues to develop. We offer training and events so that he/she can spar with colleagues. We have set up an in-house Academy for this, packed with interesting training and courses.

We take care of your paperwork

We ensure that the childminder childcare complies with the Childcare Act. We have listed everything on the right. Quite a lot, but you receive childcare allowance from the government and must therefore meet certain quality guidelines. No worries, we’ll arrange all this for you.

Everything arranged quickly
Drawing up a contract between the childminder, the family & Nanny Nina
Administration, such as overview of hours worked, invoicing and payment of the childminder
Evaluation with family & childminder
Checking the validity of the diploma and VOG
Check validity of first aid and ensure that the first aid course is repeated when due
Guidance & training childminder according to legal obligation
Annual visits to the childminders' location according to legal obligation
Provision of information on relevant laws and regulations
Advice on insurance for your childminder
Reporting on progress, communication & evaluation

About us

veelgestelde vragen algemene voorwaarden privacy policy jasmijn en Lyla kok opricthers nanny nina kijken lachend in de camera tweeling.
It is our mission to help parents enjoy life, knowing that their kids are taking care of by a lovely, responsible childminder. We love to connect parents with childminders and make a perfect match!
Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, founders of Nanny Nina. With Nanny Nina you'll find the sweetest, smartest childminders, who just love children. We arrange everything for you, from contracts to insurance and of course if needed, a back-up babysitter.
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