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What do you do as an au pair during your stay in Spain?

Datum: 05/10/2021
Auteur: Manou Zwolle

What are the requirements to become an au pair in Spain and what does the process consist of? Which documents do you need and what exactly are you going to do? In short, how do you become an au pair in Spain? All questions that we answer in this blog. Read on!


In order to start your stay as soon as possible, you should inform yourself about the requirements for au pairs in Spain.

Requirements to start working as an au pair in Spain:

– You are between 17-30 years old

– You are unmarried and have no children

– You have enough money to pay for your trip

– You have valid health insurance for the duration of your stay in Spain

– You speak Spanish and want to improve your language skills

– Your native language does not have to be Spanish


Spain has signed the European agreement on the employment of au pairs. This means that if you meet the entry requirements, you can start working as an au pair.

If your stay is longer than 6 months, you must contact the Oficina de Extranjeria or a local police station upon arrival in Spain to request a foreigner’s ID.

As an au pair, you must attend a Spanish course for at least 20 hours per week to obtain the au pair visa or student visa. Au pairs applying for a student visa must attend the language course at one of the schools recognized by the Instituto Cervantes.

It is important for au pairs from the Netherlands to have a valid passport to enter Spain. A visa is not required for au pairs coming from the EU or EFTA.

In addition, it is important that when an au pair stays in Spain for more than 3 months, he or she registers in the population register. The au pair informs the local registration office about his or her stay with the host family. Help is often requested from the host family, because these formalities differ per province.

The next step in this process is to apply for the EU registration certificate. When you stay as an au pair in Spain for more than 3 months, you must request an EU registration certificate from the Foreigners Registration Office. Here too, the formalities differ per autonomous region and province.

The following documents are required for this application:

– The official application form (EX – 18) in duplicate

– A valid passport or ID

– Proof of health insurance

– Proof, for example an au pair contract, which indicates that as an au pair you have sufficient means to pay for your stay in Spain

– We also recommend bringing a copy of the European Agreement on Au Pair Employment in Spanish with you

It is recommended to provide the required documents in Spanish or one of the other officially recognized languages.

More information can be found on the information page of the Spanish government.


Carefully discuss your expectations with your host family in advance and state this in the contract. This way you avoid disappointments. You can find the official contract in accordance with the Europe Agreement here.

The work of an au pair in Spain mainly consists of taking care of the children, but can be supported by household tasks such as vacuuming, loading the dishwasher and doing laundry.

As an au pair you live with your family and you are entitled to at least €70 pocket money per month. You get board and lodging for free. There is no official regulation for the number of hours you work as an au pair in Spain. A working week of 30 hours is often assumed, this includes babysitting work.

The legal notice period for an au pair contract is 14 days. This leaves enough time for both parties to find another au pair or host family.

Days off

An au pair is entitled to at least 1 day off per week and at least once a month this day must be a Sunday. There are no official agreements regarding the au pair leave. You should discuss this with your host family in advance. We advise that when you stay as an au pair in Spain for 12 months, you are entitled to at least 4 weeks of leave.

Au pair insurance

In Spain it is not possible to take out social insurance for au pairs. Before arriving in Spain, it is therefore important that you check with your insurance company.

As an EU citizen, you are insured through your European health insurance card. If you do not have this card yet, you must request it from your health insurance company before your stay.

If you cannot submit a European health insurance card, you must take out private health insurance to be entitled to basic health care. In Spain there are several private insurers. Ask your host family to help you take out suitable insurance.

Are you ready for a foreign adventure?

So, you now know what the requirements are and what the process to become an au pair in Spain consists of. All you have to think about now is tapas, sol y playa!

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