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What does an au pair earn?

Datum: 06/09/2021
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What does an au pair earn during his or her stay in the Netherlands? Below you can read all about what an au pair earns and what costs are covered for an au pair.

What does an au pair earn? An au pair receives a monthly amount of €340 pocket money. Nanny Nina does not see this amount as an amount the au pair has earned. Our first priority is that an au pair is not seen and treated as an employee but as a family member. That is why we also call it pocket money and not salary.

What is the pocket money for?

The pocket money you get as an au pair is meant to be free to experience your cultural exchange as well as possible. To discover a culture you have to go on the road. Besides meeting people, you also have to get to know the country. What do cities look like? What can you do? What kind of nature is there in this country? Of course there is only one way to find out, to explore the country. An au pair does need money for this and since it is not the intention that the au pair will work next to the 30 hours help to the host family, this pocket money is very important.

What are the costs for an au pair?

The only compulsory cost an au pair has is the monthly health insurance. In principle, the au pair pays the health insurance herself/herself. If the host family has taken out an au pair insurance, as an au pair you can set the excess plus the voluntary excess at the highest level. By doing so, the price of the monthly premium drops.

An au pair is almost always entitled to care allowance. Care allowance is an allowance that the government gives to people with low income/small assets. In this way the government wants to provide everyone with a good basis in health care. Every year the amount of the care allowance changes slightly but in general the amount is around €100. With this one hundred euro an au pair can think of the monthly premium costs. As soon as the host family has an au pair insurance and puts the voluntary excess of the au pair on the highest level, the au pair even keeps money from the care allowance.


More info about insurances? Check out this blog.

What costs are covered for an au pair?

The au pair lives with a family for board and lodging. The host family and the au pair agency take care of the au pair. That is why certain costs of an au pair are covered by the host family. Below we have listed the costs:

  • Office costs
  • Cost of flight
  • Pocket money
  • Telephone charges
  • NS travel card
  • Au pair academy
  • (additional) au pair insurance
  • Museum map
  • Tuberculosis test

Office costs

The agency costs are the costs that have to be paid to the au pair agency. This is to cover the administrative costs and the costs of the IND. Would the IND ask an amount for checking and all documents to approve the application. The IND is the Immigration and Naturalization Service. They are responsible for immigration policy in the Netherlands. So all residence applications go through the IND. In this part of the application for an au pair, several documents have to be collected from the au pair and from the host family.

Cost of flight

The costs of the flight to the Netherlands are costs for the host parents. In the whole process it is very important that the au pair does not pay anything before coming to the Netherlands.

Pocket money

The host family is responsible for the pocket money that an au pair receives each month. Pocket money is not money that has been earned. It is important that an au pair is not seen as an employee. The au pair helps a maximum of 30 hours a week with taking care of the children and carrying out light household chores. The au pair is only allowed to work 8 hours a day. This means that the au pair also has free time. In this free time the au pair should have the space to do nice things like going to the movies, lunch or sports. Pocket money can be used for this purpose.   

Telephone costs

The costs associated with a telephone are covered by the host family. This is because Nanny Nina finds it important that the au pair feels safe at all times. As soon as you have never been to a country before, this can cause some tension. But au pairs also have a responsibility about the children. As soon as something happens or there are questions, an au pair should be able to call, text or Whatsappen. This gives the au pair a lot of security. However, this also applies to the parents, because if something is going on you as a parent want to be informed immediately.

NS travel card

The OV-chipcard is very important for an au pair. This makes it possible to discover not only the place of residence within the Netherlands, but also the rest of the Netherlands or other nearby countries. Offering the possibility to travel makes the social life a lot easier for an au pair. The costs of a public transport chipcard are not very high. As soon as you take a weekend free subscription it costs €31 per month. For a small €3,- more per month you have a deal where there is a 40% discount on weekdays if you travel during off-peak hours.

Au pair academy

Nanny Nina offers the au pairs in the Netherlands the au pair academy. This is an online learning environment where au pairs can develop in different areas. Lessons are given about the basics of the Dutch language, basic knowledge about the Dutch culture and many different themes related to the development of children. The academy not only offers many opportunities to broaden your knowledge but also a community. Together with all au pairs who participate in the academy you can make contact and there is an opportunity to make friendships. Nanny Nina finds the development very important. This is also a great way to make an au pair feel at home in the Netherlands more easily and quickly.

Au pair insurance

The costs of the au pair insurance are optional. It is not obligatory to take out an au pair insurance. Nevertheless, Nanny Nina strongly recommends to take out an au pair insurance at all times. Why is this insurance so important? This insurance covers the costs that a basic health insurance does not cover. For example; During the trip to the Netherlands, no health insurance has been taken out yet. This means that if something happens to the au pair at that moment, he/she is not insured for the costs incurred.


Now follows a short overview of the costs the au pair does NOT have to pay. 

Overzicht met de kosten die een gastgezin moet betalen als ze via Nanny Nina een au pair hosten

Are you interested in an au pair or would you like to know more about it? Feel free to call or mail us. We are happy to help!

Frequently asked questions about an au pair

What is an au pair?

An au pair is someone from abroad between the ages of 18 and 31 who lives with the host family for a certain period, up to a maximum of one year, as a cultural exchange. She’s here for the exchange. In exchange for board, lodging and pocket money, the au pair supports the care of the children and some light household tasks.

How long can an au pair stay?

The Dutch government allows an au pair to stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of one year.

What does an au pair’s work schedule look like?

An au pair can work for a maximum of 30 hours per week. A week consists of a maximum of five days. However, an au pair’s working day can also be on the weekend. A maximum of 8 hours may be worked per day. An au pair can also work in the evenings up to three times a week. In addition, the au pair is entitled to two days off per week. Once a month these days off should be on the weekend.

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