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Flying alone? No worries, we’ll help you out!

Datum: 17/03/2022
Over de Auteur: Dit blog is gepubliceerd door iemand binnen het team van Nanny Nina. We hopen je te informeren, verrassen en te verblijden met onze content!

Here you are, ready for your adventure abroad. Good for you! You are at the beginning of an amazing experience. You and the au pair agents have arranged everything and you are ready to fly. Flying alone! Of course you are nervous, we understand that. But we are also here to tell you that there is no reason to be nervous. We have gathered 4 very helpful tips for you. Read on!


First of all, it’s very helpful to check your exact fly date and time. So that you will feel prepared and ready on the day of departure. To feel even more prepared when you are flying alone, make a list of things that go in your hand luggage and a list for what goes into your suitcase. This way you can check, check, check and dubble check that you didn’t forget something. 

Flying alone with KLM to the Netherlands

Take care of yourself 

Make sure you go to bed early the day before and eat and drink enough before you go to the airport. Not even is this cheaper than buying something on the airport, it will also prevent you from getting dizzy or tired. You know what they say: stay hydrated! And we must say, this is very true. The air in the plane isn’t the best air you can come around with, so better take care of yourself!

Make small talk 

Flying alone can sometimes be a bit lonely, especially if you have to travel for a long time. If you feel alone or aren’t sure which way to go we suggest you make small talk to a fellow flyer. See how he or she is doing and why they are going to the the Netherlands. Families are always great people to start small talk with, because of the common love for kids. It also comes in handy, if you have to go to the toilet and have no one to watch your luggage. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a new friend!

Au pair on the plane flying alone

Feel energized  

We can understand that you are tired from all the preparations and imaginations about your new adventure. So, it would be ideal if you could nap, or even sleep, on the plane. We recommend you bring earplugs and a facemask. This way you can disconnect from the outside world and enjoy your own world and imagination. You’ll see, after a few minutes you are sleeping and will wake up more energized and ready for meet your host family. 

Part of the adventure  

It’s time to leave! As said before, make sure you follow your list, take care of yourself, make small talk and take a nap on the plane. Know that you did everything you can to fully prepare for your flight and that everything will be fine. And remember: you are starting a new adventure with a host family that maybe are also a little bit nervous but very excited to meet you. So, you are not alone is this! This is the beginning of your chapter where you’ll be meeting new people, making new friends, learning about new cultures and creating connections for a lifetime with your host kids. 

Still a little nervous? Then watch this video! In this video they explain everything again.


In which countries can you start your au pair adventure?

You can become an au pair in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France and of course, the Netherlands.

Can I come to the Netherlands as au pair when I am now 31 and will turn 32 while I am in the Netherlands?

I am afraid not! You cannot be an au pair in the Netherlands while older than 31.

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