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Au pair insurance – what you need to know

Datum: 18/08/2021
Over de Auteur: Dit blog is gepubliceerd door iemand binnen het team van Nanny Nina. We hopen je te informeren, verrassen en te verblijden met onze content!

Everything, and absolutely everything about au pair insurance in the Netherlands can be found in this blog. Make a cup of coffee or a hot tea and sit back and relax!

Why an au pair insurance?

Whether you are an au pair yourself and want to travel safely, or whether you are a guest parent for an au pair and want to offer him/her the best insurance – insurance is important. What if something terrible happens to the family of the au pair, then the au pair wants to go back! Or something less dramatic, the au pair breaks an expensive vase? Loses your keys? Is there a dent in the car? Will the au pair get sick? Break a wrist? Then she has to go to the hospital! Who should pay for those costs? Exactly. Insurance is super important!

au pair insurance has to be taken care of only then you will see a big smile on your au pairs face as the one in this picture

Is insurance for an au pair obligated?

As with all insurance policies, you have basic insurance and supplementary insurance. How far you want to be insured is up to you. However, basic insurance is mandatory for an au pair in the Netherlands.

Fun fact: An au pair is required to have Dutch basic insurance because she is seen as an employee by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). This is actually quite unusual, because the IND insists on seeing the au pair not as an employee, but as part of a cultural exchange. Despite the fact that these two institutions do not seem to agree on how we view an au pair, Dutch basic insurance is mandatory for the au pair.

Taking out additional insurance for the au pair is not mandatory, but we do recommend it. Why? Keep on reading to find out!

Arrange au pair insurance as a host family

Do you live in the Netherlands and are you hosting an au pair from abroad? Then you have to insure him/her. There are various insurance policies for this. We believe that you should at least arrange the following two types of insurance.

1. Mandatory basic health insurance for the au pair

As soon as the au pair has set foot in the Netherlands, she must apply for a BSN. This allows basic insurance to be taken out. There are, of course, many providers to choose from. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, but we have placed a number of financially attractive options at the bottom of this blog.

Excess/ deductible

How much deductible do you have to pay? The compulsory deductible is unfortunately not a choice. Every year the government determines what the mandatory deductible is, and you cannot adjust this. You can choose the voluntary deductible. You can choose between: €100, €200, €300, €400, or €500 extra deductible. The higher your voluntary deductible, the lower the premium.

2. Supplementary travel insurance for the au pair

Not required, but useful! We have our own au pair insurance, especially for host families who welcome a foreign au pair. Before the au pair sets foot in the Netherlands and can apply for a BSN, anything can happen. Even if the au pair goes on holiday outside the Netherlands and something unexpected happens, he/she is insured with our au pair insurance.

Benefits of our au pair insurance

– You meet, for a part, your duty of care;

– There is coverage from the moment the au pair travels to the Netherlands and during the journey back home. You cannot arrange this with the Dutch basic insurance;

– The au pair is insured for calamities (such as an accident and death);

– The au pair is insured for urgent dental costs, – The au pair is (sometimes) insured for private liability, luggage and extra travel costs in case of family circumstances.

Important! Our au pair insurance is a travel insurance and must therefore be taken out before the au pair leaves the home country.

au pair insurance

What does an au pair basic health insurance cost?

The basic insurance for an au pair depends on the provider, but the average premium of a health insurance is 124.80 euros per month in 2021. An excess of 385 euros applies. Check the cheapest providers here.

Health care allowance

You’ve probably heard of it, health care allowance. What does it entail? In the Netherlands you may be eligible for heath care allowance if your income and assets are low. This means that most au pairs qualify for health care allowance, which in turn means that the basic health insurance is covered. Then the basic insurance will cost you absolutely nothing!

Who pays for the au pair insurance?

There are no rules regarding who pays for the insurance, the au pair or the host family. If the au pair receives health care allowance, no one has to pay for the basic insurance, because it’s covered by the allowance. In the case of our au pair insurance, we advise the host family to pay it. We think of it as your duty when you welcome an au pair into your home.

Who applies for basic health insurance?

It is a good idea to arrange this together with your au pair as soon as he/she registers with the municipality and receives a BSN number. So we advise to do this together.

au pair insurance you take care of together

When should you apply for insurance for your au pair?

Okay, so we have come to the conclusion that one insurance is mandatory (the basic health insurance) and one insurance is not mandatory, but it is very useful (our au pair insurance). When should you apply?

When should you apply for basic health insurance?

As soon as your au pair is registered with the municipality, he/she will receive a BSN number. This allows the au pair to immediately apply for basic health insurance. To ensure that the application runs smoothly, the au pair selects “I am moving from abroad to the Netherlands” under “Reason for your application”. The au pair chooses the day that he/she is registered with the municipality in the Netherlands as the start date.

When should you apply for the au pair insurance?

The au pair insurance is a travel insurance and must therefore be taken out before the au pair leaves his/her home country.

Where do you apply for the au pair insurance?

We now know that we have to apply for basic health insurance when the au pair registers with the municipality. Great. But where do you apply for a basic health insurance? And what about our au pair insurance?

Where do you apply for basic health insurance?

It depends on the provider. Here are the cheapest ones and what different things they offer.

Where do you apply for our au pair insurance?

You can apply for our au pair insurance by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Want to know more about the costs and conditions? Check out our page about the au pair insurance.

Which documents does the health insurer need from you to apply for basic health insurance?

This depends on where the au pair comes from. The following documents are required:

  1. Copy of the passport (a copy of the page with the photo and the back of that page)

2. Citizen Service Number (BSN)

3. Residence permit (only for au pairs outside the EU)

4. “Residence document” (only for au pairs from Croatia)

In conclusion

Hopefully we’ve answered all of your questions about au pair insurance. In short:

It is obligatory to have a basic health insurance as an au pair in the Netherlands.

You must take out this as soon as you have a BSN number. If you apply for healthcare allowance, neither of you has to pay the premium costs. It is also useful to take out special au pair insurance to provide additional protection when traveling. This is not mandatory, but we do recommend it.

Any other questions? Get in touch with us!