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15 steps to become an au pair in The Netherlands

Datum: 30/08/2021
Auteur: Nanny Nina

How do you become an au pair in The Netherlands? Do you have multiple interviews and when do you meet the host family? Do you need to write a letter of motivation and which documents are super important? All questions that we will answer in this blog. We will guide you through the process and will be there for you during your cultural exchange. Read on!

Au pair met kindje in roze pakje in het bos

Step 1: Share your experience

First, you can sign up as an au pair here! After this, we would like to know more about your experience with children. We would like to receive 2 written references for the times you’ve worked with children. Here you can find the reference form.

Step 2: Show us your personality

We want to get to know you better and learn more about your personality. Therefore we ask you to record a short video of 1-2 minutes where you tell us more about you, your experience, why you want to be an au pair in The Netherlands and anything your host family should know about you. Here you can look for tips.

Step 3: Letter of motivation

Please explain in this letter why you want to become an au pair in The Netherlands and what your plans are after the au pair program.

Take this letter very seriously as we and the host family will get an idea on what you expect of the au pair program and why you feel you would be a good au pair. 

Step 4: The interview

This is the fun part! We will get to know you during this interview and you can see the faces of the people you were in contact with all these time. During this interview we check your references and make sure you have all your official documents ready.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions you might have. If we both feel a connection after the interview, we proceed with gathering the necessary documents listed below.

Desk with laptop to sign up as an au pair in the Netherlands

Step 5: Passport ID

Please scan all pages on your passport and add them together in one PDF with a max file size of 8MB. All the documents are treated with care and have two-factor authentication on login to view anything you share.

Step 6: Important documents

The following documents are very important:

  • Birth certificate
  • Civil state certificate

Please send a color scan/picture of both documents. They both need to be translated and have an apostille stamp.

Step 7: IND Forms

For the documents below you need to:

  1. Fill directly on screen in BLOCK LETTERS
  2. Download
  3. Print
  4. Sign
  5. Scan
  6. Send the official documents

The IND Forms consist of:

You will need to get the TB test done within three months of arriving in the Netherlands and have it ready when you enter the country.

If you are struggling with these at all, we are happy to fill them out for you, but we need your full name, birthday, where you live now, where you were born, and your passport number. Then we will send it to you, filled in, so that you can simply print, sign your signature, and scan back to us.

Step 8: A Statement of Health

You can print the Statement of Health and take it to your local doctor.

Step 9: Police background check or certificate of good conduct

You can look up how to get a certificate of good conduct from your country.

Step 10: Picture time

Please send us a picture of yourself. Preferably a picture of high quality where we can really see who you are and what you look like. If you have any questions about this, we can plan another video call or Whatsapp call.

Meisje met een fotocamera die ergens een foto van maakt

Step 11: The second video interview

We will do this interview to make sure you are happy with your match and for you to ask questions you might have.

Step 12: Weekly schedule

Every week you receive a weekly schedule filled out by the host so that you are on duty no more than 8 hours a day and 30 hours a week.

If you are the only one responsible for them even if the kids are asleep, it can’t be called ‘free time’. We will add this to the DocuSign envelope with the contracts at the end.

Step 13: Review and sign the official contract

You are almost there!! Please let us know if anything is unclear. You will receive the contract after the host has confirmed the match after our interview.

We will then send you these to sign via DocuSign. Please sign all DocuSign document drawing your signature using a touchpad or the mouse, so that the signature is close to the signature in your passport.

Step 14: VISA

We will apply for your visa with the IDN. This can take up to 3 months but is usually ready within 6 weeks. Once it’s approved, you book an appointment at the Dutch Embassy in your country and give your biometrics and passport. You will return 5-10 days later to pick it up. You can book your flight for 3 weeks after your visa is approved.

Step 15: Almost ready to fly

Take a COVID test and fly! If you have any questions you can WhatsApp us anytime or check out more official information about being an au pair in The Netherlands at the official government site.

Vliegtuig met de zon en wolken

Are you the superhero we are looking for?

Now you’ve arranged everything, from the interviews to the documents, and are ready to enjoy this new au pair adventure in The Netherlands. We will keep in touch weekly and wish you lots of fun during this cultural exchange!

Frequently asked questions

What is an au pair?

It sounds fancy, right? An au pair is a young person aged 18-31 who wants to experience life in the Netherlands. In exchange for a room in your house and meals, an au pair is prepared to become part of your family, look after your kids and help with light housework, for up to 30 hours a week.

Does the au pair live with the family?

Yes! As a part of the cultural exchange program, an au pair lives with the family and supports the family best within the home. The au pair has to be registered at the host family’s address with the local gemeente after arrival.

How much do I get paid as an au pair?

€340 a month in pocket money throughout your stay including holidays. This is not a wage so it is not taxable. It is a good idea to set up a Dutch bank account if you stay for longer than 4 months.

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