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Want to become an au pair?

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!
  • You live with a family abroad
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Our au pair team

Our au pair team guides and helps you through the process of becoming an au pair. We make sure everything is legal and safe for you and your host family, so you have an amazing, carefree time together. It’s quite the adventure for both the au pair and the host family, we get that, so we’re available for any questions or worries. We’ve got you!

Read everything about the legal stuff, application demands, matching process, host family and life of an au pair below.

We love to meet you!

Michelle, Hannah, Laura and Jasmijn

What will you do as an au pair?

Cultural exchange

Mostly your visit abroad is seen as a cultural exchange, but because you get to live with a family ‘for free’ you’d also help with taking care of the kids and the household.

During your stay

You help your host family with:

  • getting the kids ready for school
  • picking the kids up & taking them to after school activities
  • help with homework
  • help with domestic work
  • cooking/ getting groceries

Time to yourself

You have about 30 work hours per week, this depends on the legislation of the country you’d wish to visit. In the time you don’t work, you’re free to discover the culture, people and country. Doing fun things with other au pairs will be the highlight of your stay!

de wereldkaart met daarop een laptop, een mok koffie, 2 fototoestellen, een zonnebril, een paspoort en je ziet van bovenaf een vrouw met een hoed
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help mij kiezen drie vrouwen liggen op bed en kletsen over hun au pair avonturen

Questions of other au pairs

Why Nanny Nina and not some other agency?

Okay, we don’t like to brag or anything, but we often hear that we are super involved and know what’s up with the legislation laws. It’s an exciting adventure and we guide you in every step.

What if I want to leave my host family?

It can always happen that you don’t click. This is why you discuss a notice agreement. Usually this is 1 or 2 months. This actually almost never happens because you get to know your family beforehand. If you don’t click, we’ll go look for another family!

What is my allowance as an au pair?

It differs between countries what you get. In the Netherlands this is legally set to 300-340 euros per month. In other countries it’s sometimes higher or lower, you can google the country which you’d like to visit and look it up. You can find a bigger list below on this page.

Can I ask for holiday as an au pair?

Yes, you get 2 weeks of paid leave. You can discuss with your host family when you want to have time off and if that works with their planning. Also the weekends are usually off!

Frequently asked questions

How to become an au pair

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Register for free
When your profile is completed, we'll go looking for a family that suits you
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To complete your profile you need
- Statement of conduct
- Legalization of your birth certificate
- Medical examination at the doctor
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Respond to families
That are looking for an au pair in the country you'd like to visit
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Get to know your host family digitally
We try and place you with a family within 2 weeks
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Go on an adventure!
Get to know the culture and help your host family by taking care of the kids
Where would you like to travel to?
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Do you get paid to be an au pair?

Depending on the country you go to, you receive an allowance (pocketmoney) between 300 & 700 euros per month. Aside from the allowance you also get board & lodging and usually compensation for using a phone and traveling.

Australia 200 – 250 AUD per week
Austria 438.05 EUR per month
Belgium 450 EUR per month
Canada 330 CAD per week (depending on the regional minimum wage, see Info Canada for further info)
Denmark 4.000 DKK per month
Finland 280 EUR minimum per month after tax
France Au pair EU: between 271,50 and 325,80 EUR per month – Au pair non-EU : minimum 320 EUR per month
Germany 280 EUR per month
Ireland minimum wage (please go to Info Ireland for further info)
Iceland ISK 10.000 per week
Italy 250 – 300 EUR per month
Luxembourg approx. 480 – 500 EUR per month
Netherlands 300 EUR – 340 EUR maximum per month
New Zealand 170 – 230 NZD per week
Norway 5.000 NOK per month
South Africa 1.500 – 3.000 ZAR per month
Spain 70 EUR minimum per week
Sweden 3.500 SEK per month
Switzerland 500 – 750 CHF net per month depending on the individual canton
United Kingdom 80 – 85 GBP per week
USA 195,75 USD minimum per week

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