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Au pair insurance

Au pair verzekering deze au pair staat lachend met een geel jasje aan en een tablet in de hand te kijken naar de camera
How does our au pair insurance work?
In addition to the compulsory basic health insurance, we also recommend our au pair insurance. The au pair takes out the basic health insurance and the parents our supplementary au pair insurance.

  • Costs for possible rematch if you need it up to €2000

  • Medical costs if you are not yet able to take out health insurance up to €2000

  • 30% discount on nanny costs if your au pair is sick or has to go home suddenly

  • Travel insurance and luggage insurance up to €1000

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au pair verzekering au pair zit op haar hurken met lief kindje met capuchon ergens in een grote stad

Frequently asked questions about the au pair insurance

Is Nanny Nina's au pair insurance mandatory?

No, Nanny Nina’s au pair insurance is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend it. Basic health insurance is mandatory. Read more about the different insurance policies here.

When should I take out the au pair insurance?

The au pair insurance must be taken out before the au pair gets on the plane, so that the luggage is insured. Do you want to make a claim? Send us an invoice after you have deducted your deductible of €350.

How does it work if I want a rematch?

Do you have an issue with the au pair? This is unfortunate and fortunately almost never happens! If it does happen, you are lucky that you have taken out au pair insurance. You are entitled to service costs for a self match up to three months after the au pair’s departure.

My au pair is sick and I need a temporary nanny, help!

Do you need a temporary backup babysitter? Then you will receive a 30% discount on our babysitting service. We cannot guarantee that we will find a babysitter, but of course we will do our very best! You can submit an application here. Will you let us know if you have found someone? Then we will create a personal discount code for you, so that you do not have to pay a 30% service charge.

Help! A tsunami! An ash cloud! The plane doesn't work!

Has your au pair been stranded due to a natural disaster, plane problems or some other unexpected event that could not have been prevented by the au pair or host family? Then the insurance will reimburse the flight and medical costs up to €5,000.

Frequently asked questions