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Looking for a babysitter in Amersfoort?

Easily find your screened babysit or nanny in Amersfoort

Do you live in Amersfoort and are you looking for a babysitter? With Nanny Nina you can book a screened sitter, without any subscription. We will then start looking for a great candidate for your family and suggest 1 to 6 profiles to you. Our babysitters can’t wait to meet your family, we are sure your kids will have the best time with our babysitter!

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oppas in amersfoort of oppaswerk in amersfoort gezocht? wij hebben de leukste oppassers in amersfoort bij nanny nina
nanny nina oppassers en au pairs staan op de foto met oppaskindjes op hun arm en lachen in de camera
Looking for work in Amersfoort
Permanent nanny
Flexible babysitter Amersfoort
Childminder Amersfoort
Au Pair Amersfoort

Looking for a babysit job in Amersfoort?

Looking for the babysitting job in Amersfoort? And do you absolutely love working with children? Subscribe for free and start working as a babysitter

More information about working as babysit in Amersfoort

What does a permanent nanny cost?

Are you looking for a nanny in Amersfoort on fixed days in the week? Your children’s friends can come over to play, your nanny picks the kips up from school and… what a luxury your nanny cooks for your family!

More information about a permanent nanny in Amersfoort
Day 1
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€30 gemiddeld per keer
No payment required

What does a flexible babysit cost?

Time for a night out? Book the most reliable babysitters via our app and choose the one that is the best match with your family. Go out and relax while your children have the best time with the babsyitter.  Place a babysit request for free and receive 1 to 3 babysitting profiles, choose your favorite!



More information about a flexible babysitter
€14 average
No payment required

Childminder with "opvangtoeslag"?

Are you looking for an experience childminder ( gastouder) in Amersfoort with the right diploma’s? Would you like to receive the kinderopvangtoeslag from the Dutch Government? At Nanny Nina Gastouderbureau we are happy to help!

More information about childminders
Calculate opvang toeslag

Au pair from abroad

Are you in need of flexible childcare? Looking for a nice au pair to stay with your family and helps with the kids and around the house? Our Au pair Agency loves to introduce some candidates or arrange the administration for you.

More information about au pairs
No payment required
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About us

veelgestelde vragen algemene voorwaarden privacy policy jasmijn en Lyla kok opricthers nanny nina kijken lachend in de camera tweeling.
We aim to help parents enjoy life, knowing that their kids have the greatest care and personal attention from one of our nannies. We want to empower women to work, and live life as they like to.
Hi! We are Lyla & Jasmijn Kok, the founders of Nanny Nina. In 2010 we started our nanny service, and have grew into a national and international company! We really love to help you find the best childcare solution and make your little ones smile!
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Wat does Nanny nina Amersfoort do for you?

Good question! We screen our nannies with care. This way you always have access to a kind and reliable nanny.

Your fixed nanny

Would you like the same babysitter to come again ? Of course that is possible, once you find a nice babysitter you trust you want to keep her! Simply mark this babysitter as your “favourite”, then we will always invite her first before sending your request to other babysitters.

Babysit insurance

If you book and pay your nanny via our app, then your babysit is insured. So when it happens that she looses your key, or breaks a vase its not a problem: we’ve got you covered.

Apart from that babysit insurance we also have onether one: You always know that you can count on a nice babysit via our app. Simply place a request via the app and when your job suddenly needs you or your regular sitter falls ill, simply place a new booking. Daycare will not be a problem anymore!


Au pair worden manou lacht met kindje op haar nek ook zon leuke oppas oftewel oppas gezocht?


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