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10 nanny Questions from parents

The most common questions from parents about payment and vacation fees for their babysitter


What can you ask a professional nanny to do?

  1. Looking after your little ones

  2. Picking them up from school and driving them to sports/ music lessons

  3. Vacuum cleaning

  4. dish washing and cooking!


What is the difference between a babysitter and a 'professional nanny'?

The biggest difference between a babysitter and a professional nanny is that you have a nanny with childcare allowance. Also your nanny needs 3 things in order to be a qualified professional nanny:

  1. A diploma in for example pedagogy, psychology nursing or other as defined by the government

  2. A VOG ( declaration of good behaviour)

  3. A valid first aid diploma highest level


What does a professional nanny cost?

The hourly rate of a professional nanny is between 13 and 20 euros per hour. You also pay a fee for the childminding agency - this fee depends on the number of hours you need your professional nanny. You can receive childcare allowance which covers the total costs

Can a professional nanny help in with household chores?

Your professional nanny can pick up your children from school, cook, help the kids with homework and with dishwasher. You are super busy as a working parent - that we know, and we are happy to help with that! H


How long does it take before I can apply for an allowance?

From the moment you have met a professional nanny and we have done the house check, it takes 10 weeks at most before your guest nanny is officially registered. You can get the childcare allowance request up to 3 months later.

Do I pay the professional nanny in cash?

No! At the end of the month, the professional nanny fills in the hours worked and we will send you an overview of hours and payment in an invoice. You transfer this sum to us, and we pay the professional nanny.

Do I still have to pay fees to the municipality?

It differs on the municipality on whether you have to pay for the registration of your professional nanny. Ask us if you have to pay a fee in your city.

What if my professional nanny leaves? What about insurance?

The professional nanny has corporate liability insurance through us, so you don't need to worry about it.

Do I have to pay the professional nanny holiday pay?

Yes, but you can include the 8% holiday on the hourly rate. Your professional nanny is entitled to days off that have been paid. She is entitled to 4x the hours worked per week per year off. So suppose someone works 8 hours then the professional nanny receives 8x4 = 32 hours of paid leave per year.

What does your agency do for me?

We ensure that all administration is in order and that your guest nanny has the correct and valid papers. You can also call us if your professional nanny is sick or if she should leave your family. We also guide your professional nanny, organize meetings and offer a community of colleagues to consult with. If your professional nanny leaves, we will arrange a replacement nanny for you! Include in your contract the cancellation period! Our advice: 2 months. You can also arrange that upon departure. If your nanny leaves, we will arrange a replacement nanny for you! The cancellation time is 1 month.


Do I have to adjust my house?

Your house is seen as a safe location for kids to play and the nanny to work and must, therefore, be safe. We do a digital check with you to see if everything is right and which things could be improved. After that, the GGD will visit you yourself. (They make an appointment with the professional nanny)


Do I pay the professional nanny on holidays?

If a working day falls on a bank holiday, you will continue to pay your nanny. What makes our agency unique is the digital intakes that save you time, but of course also the large database of nice screened babysitters. With us you also have the app to book an evening babysitter, outside the agreed-upon times you have with your professional nanny. We offer you complete service and security.


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