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Auteur: Jasmijn Kok, [email protected]

Ontmoet onze au pairs

Lees hier meer over onze lieve au pairs. Ze staan te trappelen om jouw familie te ontmoeten!

Meer lezen over prijzen en hoe lang het duurt? Lees hier verder: 

au pair Ngozi from nanny nina

This is Ngozi (26)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Nigerian

Hobbies: "Cooking, outdoor games like hiking, site seeing, Reading interesting books, Movies and kids"

Personality: "A happy and open minded lady, responsible and always ready to learn new things"

Education: Diploma in nursing

Eating habits: No special diet

Swimming: Yes

Level of English: Advanced

Biking: Beginner

Experience: "I had the wonderful opportunity to interect with amazingly talented kids in the children department of my church and at work. We worked together in the preparations for the children day like song presentation, drama and quiz. At work I love to make them happy and laugh."


au pair Liz from Nanny Nina

This is Liz (24)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Kenyan

Hobbies: "I love cycling, sightseeing, swimming, watching documentaries and Korean dramas. I also love spending time with my family and playing soccer."

Education: High school diploma

Experience: "It was pleasant considering the children I was taking care of were mild mannered and loved to play indoors with toys. During the weekend would take them out to the park and just play. I also loved spending time with kids in the kindergarten because I met different types of children with different characters and personalities that made it both challenging and enjoyable."

Personality: "I am very open minded, caring, loving and quite introverted."

Eating habits: No special diets

Level of English: Intermediate

Swimming: Advanced

Biking: Advanced


au pair Princess from Nanny Nina

This is Princess (28)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Filipino

Hobbies:"I like to go outside for a walk, do gardening, read a book and play music. My passion is cooking I love to learn and discover new dishes. I am also a dog lover."

Personality: "I would describe myself as a reliable, caring, and a person who has initiative. I love to be with children all the time, they always brighten up my day."

Education: High School Graduate

Eating habits: No special diet

Level of English: Advanced

Experience: Princess took care of her two sisters when her dad passed away, she has also been a babysitter for a Philippino/chinese family, she lived with them for 2 years and took care of their child who was 2 years old.

Swimming: No

Biking: Yes


au pair Thiané from Nanny Nina

This is Thiané (20)

Available: 05/21

Nationality: Senegalese

Hobbies: "I’m an Art lover. I Love dancing, singing, discussing different topics, taking pictures, visiting museums. These are my main hobbies but I’m a very active person who can wait to try new activities."

Personality: "I’m an easy going girl. I’m very patient, honest and respectful. I’m also very caring, I give and pay attention to everything"

Education: High school diploma

Eating habits: No special diet

Swimming: Basic level

Level of English: Advanced

Biking: Advanced

Experience: "I used to look after my nephews when their parents were out. I stay with them for a while, feed them when they are hungry and play with them until their parents come back. I also took care of the kids of my host family during my exchange program in the USA."


au pair Fabiola from Nanny Nina

This is Fabiola (28)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Mexico

Education: MSc in Nutrition

Personality: Kind, positive, creative, bubbly

Strengths: patient and loving, hardworking

Weaknesses: a perfectionist and softness sometimes taken advantage of

Hobbies: "I like to exercise, ride a bike, hike outdoors, or go for a walk with my dogs, read books, watch movies and series, listen to music."

Experience: Experience with kids ages from 0-10.

Swimming: Beginner

Biking: Yes

Driving experience with kids: Yes

Level of English: Upper Intermediate


au pair erika from nanny nina

This is Erika (26)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Filipino

Personality: "Flexible, Adventurous, Trusting, Jolly and Energetic, Adaptable, Responsible"

Education: Bachelors Degree/College Graduate (bachelor of science in Physical Education)

Eating habits: No special diet

Level of English: Intermediate

Swimming: Advanced

Biking: Advanced


au pair rebecca from nanny nina

This is Rebecca (23)

Available: ASAP

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Hobbies: "I like singing, playing football/Soccer, playing netball, reading novels.

I am interested in swimming(though i am not good at it) "

Education: High school graduate

Personality: "I am a humble person. I am interesting. I think I am a fun-loving person with a good sense of self and positive nature. I am friendly to strangers and I have a good sense of humor."

Eating habits: No special diet

Level of English: Advanced

Swimming: Basic

Biking: Advanced


au pair mariana from mexico

This is Mariana (22)

Available: 04/2021

Nationality: Mexican

Hobbies: "I love skating, hiking, my dogs are my babies, i have 3 and they are all super cute and i hug them all the time.

I like music a lot, im not a good dancer, but i dance all the time.

I like doing sports, i love reading about interesting subjects about whats going on specially in my country where there is so much more to do for people who are helpless. I study law so i love to read about human rights for woman and do what i can to contribute.

I like watching series, i adore the beach, the cinema."

Personality: "I would describe myself as a happy, independent person. Very joyful, active, loving, sensitive, fun, responsible, and pretty much a very open person i am always trying new things and meeting new people, it makes me super happy discovering new things, going to new places, and basically experiencing new stuff."

Education: "I finished high school and i started law school but decided to take a break because of corona"

Eating habits: No special diet

Swimming: Yes

Level of English: Advanced

Biking: Yes

Experience: "I have been an english teacher for kids, I worked with kids from 8-13 years old in small groups and I also worked with little kids in a kindergarten. I was also a gymnastics teacher during summer for kids from 3-8 years old. I have been a babysitter for babies and a girl that was 4 years old."

Overweeg je een au pair?

Wil je dat we eens meedenken of een au pair iets voor je zou zijn? Mail ons op [email protected] of bel gerust eens op 0683261116. Meer informatie over de prijzen en het proces staat op:

Onze au pair dames en heren willen graag helpen in ruil voor een beetje avontuur in het ontdekken van de Nederlandse cultuur. Het zijn vaak goed opgeleide en zelfstandige dames en heren die tussen afronden van een opleiding wat van de wereld willen zien.  Zoek jij een fijne en flexibele persoon die kan helpen met de kinderen en kleine dingen in het huis? En vind je het leuk om te leren over een andere cultuur en om anderen te vertellen over de Nederlandse?  Lees hier alles over het uitwisselingsprogramma van Nanny Nina. 

Bel ons ook gerust met al je vragen!  0683261116 of mail naar [email protected]

Groet,  Jasmijn, Ristya , Michelle en Erin


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