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Basic introduction in au pair regulations in The Netherlands

Dutch Au pair Cultural Exchange Programme details

Au pair playing with children within the 30 hours au pair work maximum. The au pair has dark hair and she is playing with a little boy of about 4 years old.

Au pair candidates have to go through an IND (Dutch government) approved sponsor agency to apply for the au pair exchange programme. Nanny Nina is officially a sponsor so we take care of all the paperwork.
Au pairs can live with a host family in the Netherlands for 4 -12 months. The permit cannot be extended.
Au pairs can be male or female 18 - 31 years of age. 
They do not need any specialist experience but we require two references from previous roles involving children from the au pair. 
We screen the host families to ensure they suit the program and visit their house to check everything is in order for an au pair to live with them.  

Au pairs receive the following : 

  • €340 maximum per month in pocket money regardless of hours 'on duty'. 
  • a furnished bedroom with a window and access to a bathroom.
  • all meals even on days off.
  • €10 minimum monthly mobile phone allowance and WiFi access.
  • a discounted travel card to use across the Netherlands
  • basic healthcare insurance and an optional 'au pair insurance' which covers travel and liability. 
  • 2 days off a week (does not need to be consecutive)  and a minimum 1 full weekend off a month.
  • a weekly plan filled in with a host parent 

Au pairs offer max 30 hours of work weekly for the family in two ways:

  • support with childcare 
  • support with light housework
All activities are agreed beforehand and the most repeated tasks are in the contract they sign with the host family. This is a link to the Dutch government website with all the conditions. 

Nanny Nina Au pair Agency provides for the au pair:

  • screened host families.
  • support throughout the visa application process. 
  • within the first two weeks an initiation morning at our offices in Haarlem, Netherlands to understand Dutch culture a bit more, a bike ride and a chance to meet other au pairs. Host families pay for this and allow time for this too. 
  • compulsory courses via Nanny Nina Academy like Emergency First Aid and optional courses like Childhood Nutrition and Cross-cultural Communication. This training and development element is part of the cultural exchange program.
  • weekly check-ins with the au pair via WhatsApp and monthly visits for the first 4 months and then bi-monthly up to 12 months. 
  • mediation in conflict, assessing and administrating a request for a rematch, if the situation is untenable. We would try to keep au pairs within the Netherlands but would file a Notification of Change to the IND with details of the new family. Of course, we would keep you in the loop if this situation ever arose. 
child waiting for the au pair to arrive playing with a KLM airplane toy
Screening process
The au pair fills in this form.
We require 2 references and them to be contacted to assess the au pair's suitability to the program. Are they reliable, good with kids, likely to stay and adventurous. 
We have a video call to interview the candidate and get a feel for the type of family they would suit. 
We also do a photo ID check and require some documents:
1. Passport valid for length of stay plus 90 days. 
2. a legalised official copy of a birth certificate that can be done in Wellington or by post. More NZ specific info here.
3. a police vet because the au pair will be working with children. We go through the Dutch child protection policy in the initial training. 
4. a personality test like DISC but we're reviewing this point. 
5. medical clearance from a registered doctor to fly and also to be around children and do light household tasks. 
On the au pair site you kind find our initial au pair exchange info pack for parents that might give you a better understanding of everything involved in the process from our side. 
Let me know if you have any other questions!